• Full assessment of cognitive functioning
  • Initial consultation, follow up report and qEEG included



  • Assessment of current psychological functioning
  • Clinical interview and report included


Neurodevelopmental Assessments


  • Includes initial consultation, clinical interviews, brief cognitive assessment, qEEG, follow up and report.



  • Includes initial consultation, brief cognitive assessment, clinical interviews, follow up and report.



Electroencephalogram (EEG) recording and interpretation of neurophysiological profile



Talking Therapy

  • Integrative approach: £140 per session discounted to £130 if block booking more than 5 sessions.
  • Sessions are virtual and suits individuals 10+ with any mental health concern.

£130-£140 per session


  • Home delivered attention based training requiring daily training sessions between 20-30 minutes for 4-8 weeks.
  • Requires initial consultation and qEEG assessment, purchase of Muse EEG headset and software subscription and weekly check-ins.

Brain Stimulation

  • Home delivered non-invasive brain stimulation requiring daily stimulation sessions between 20—30 minutes for 4-8 weeks.
  • Requires consultation and qEEG assessment, purchase of brain stimulation machine, and weekly check-ins.

Why Choose Dr Berntsen?

Dr Berntsen is an accomplished practitioner with years of clinical experience and has developed a progressive approach to treatment which enables the highest level of care. 


10 Years Clinical Experience

Leader in Progressive Therapies

Verified Practitioner

Dedicated Support

Payment Options

Credit & Debit

  • All forms of debit and credit are expected for payment.


  • All major health insurance companies are accepted.
  • The links to all services included are provided below.